Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall & This Week's Alphabet

Another week in the books!  We had a busy week full of Fall, Positional Words, Golden Girl and Harry the Hat Man!  Here's a few pictures of our week:

We made our first book today!   We have done some mini books, but they actually made this book.  I don't do Reading Groups on Fridays. Instead, we make a book based on our theme and do a theme related art project.  The point of the books?  They hit about a million goals all at once and provide the students with a book they can take home and successfully read to their parents.  We cover cutting, gluing, illustrating, sequencing, print concepts, one to one pointing, high frequency words and the list goes on!  This week's book was called "Fall Bugs."  It reviewed number words one - three, color words, and positional words.  I give the students a premade book - construction paper for the cover and copy paper for the inside pages.  They also got a page of sentences and for this particular book a few die cuts.  I model every.single.step of them using the document camera or else this could be a disaster.  We glue our sentences in first, we glued the die cuts in second and then we illustrated each sentence.  This book had simple sentences such as "One red bug on a yellow leaf."  These are great confidence builders!

We made fall trees with our hands and cut paper.  

We also did lots of other Fall stuff including my Fall Centers, but I didn't get to snap pictures of those :)  We made these: (Or something similar.)

Paper Plate Scarecrow

But I'll post pics of those next week. (I forgot! Today was crazy busy!)

We focused on the letters Gg and Hh this week.  We are getting a lot better at recognizing the letters and sounds and forming the letters correctly!  Writing the Hh's was wonderfully easy - we got ahead because it didn't take long to complete!  We decided to make the Hippo Hat from Simply Kinder today.  Basically my kids couldn't be cuter sporting their Hippo Hats!

One last random picture to leave you with.  I meant to snap a picture of this WEEKS ago but I kept forgetting.

We created these cuties after reading "The Crayon Box That Talked" and discussing how we are all unique and all that jazz.  We give them a 9x12 piece of construction paper of their color choice and walk them through the steps to make these cuties.  I usually leave them up most of the year because they are so darn cute :) 

Next week, we are on to our Five Senses!  

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