Friday, September 13, 2013

Our First Alphabet Hat

Today was picture day.  It was so nice to see my friends in their real clothes. (Just in case you didn't know we wear uniforms to school.)  They were absolutely adorable.  They were even funnier to watch as they had their picture taken!  Some of them were smiling like it hurt...cracks me up every.single.time!

On to the fun stuff.  We practiced the letters C and D this week.  We sang songs, we sorted pictures, we wrote the letters.  Today we reviewed the 2 letters and their fun songs and made our first alphabet hat.  One of my favorite bloggers, Greg, from Kindergarten Smorgasboard is a hat-o-holic.  He makes fun hats all.the.time!  So I decided to try them this year.  I used to do a letter a day, but this year I am doing 2 letters a week and Friday seems like the perfect time to make a hat, no?

I used the alphabet hats from Simply Kinder.  I'm so fortunate to have gotten them during a flash freebie in May. She has templates and pictures for every hat.  Each hat is about 2 pages though, so I reduced the size to 78% and copied them on 8 1/2 x 14 paper, which really turned out to be perfect.

We colored our pieces first.

Then we cut them out which was ridiculously a little messy.  Think tiny shards of paper


After that we wrote the letters on the sentence strip.  This was chaos.  Everything I taught them about writing went right out the window and it was a mad dash to see who could write them the fastest.  This is where we learned a very hard lesson about rushing and having to redo it.  We erased essentially everyone's sentence strip.  A tip I learned for myself is next week I need to give them at least one model on the sentence strip in case they forgot how it should look on the lines.  See the pink highlighted one up there?  Yep...2 seconds too late :)

The final product...adorbs, right?

I gave him basically no notice before I snapped his cutie little picture ;)

As we were ready to go home I snapped another one.  I love these kids, they are so precious :) 

And there you have it...our first hat experience.  LOVE!  Tune in next week to see what hat we make :) 

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  1. Love the idea of making hats to review big ideas from the week. Great way to reinforce thinking and share learning with parents.


    The Math Maniacc


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