Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back to School Product Swap

I still have a few more weeks before school starts back, but I know there are some schools starting back very soon!  If you are still in denial-land, you might want to start venturing off the island and back to the real world.  It's time to start thinking about the new school year! 

Cara from over at Creative Playground organized a Product Swap so amazing sellers from TpT could swap and review products to help you prepare your wishlists and fill your cart with awesome products to get your school year started off right!

I was paired up with Michele from Mrs. Scotese's Class

Check out her blog here:

Check out here TpT Store here:

Michelle Scotese

There are lots of product in her store that are perfect for your Kindergarten classroom! I chose to review:

This pack focuses on 25 sight words (I, red, can, blue, big, yellow, the, run, be, we, not, ran, see, green, am, a, make, at, like, orange, must, one, jump, brown, on) and have a number of activities you can do to practice each one.  

Activities include:

  • 10 simple sentences for the students to put together with brown bear word cards and practice sheets to trace or write the sentences when they finish. (Great for differentiation!) 
  • 10 bingo cards and bingo counters.
  • Memory matching game
  • 4 Roll, Say, Cover game boards
  • Word cards for play-doh or Wikki Stix
  • 3 stories for the students to read with a partner on reproducible sheets.
The unit is bright and color and follows a chevron theme, which is engaging from the start.  Also, it includes the Brown Bear characters, so it can be tied to a Brown Bear unit or used in isolation.  These activities could be used in a small group, for independent practice at a center, or for tutoring. 

Take a look at some of the activities included in this packet:

Making sentences: There are 10 different sentences with a frame for the students to follow and color words / character cards to complete the sentences with.

Next students can trace (or write the sentence)! This is perfect for differentiation!

Sight Word Bingo - Teacher uses the calling cards and the student covers the words called.  To differentiate, you can show the words or just call them out. Counters are included to cover the words, which we really liked! 

 Story Reading : This is great for identifying those color words! Students color the characters the right color and then read the story.  Also great for practicing sight words.

Play-Doh/Wikki Stick Mats - Laminate or place in a page protector so students can have hands on practice making sight words! 


My boys really enjoyed this unit and I can't wait to use it with my Kinders! It's the perfect way to practice those sight words that are so important in reading! 

Michelle is also reviewing my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom unit over on her blog! 

We are so excited about these reviews, that we are going to each give away our units to two lucky readers! Enter below on the rafflecopter! If you don't win but want a copy, stop by and grab it from her store

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