Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back to School - Writer's Workshop

Alright - at this point, you can't hide from the Back to School posts - they are EVERYWHERE.  Seriously :) Jenn from Herding Kats in Kindergarten posted this quote on Facebook the other day "What will you do, that you've never done before, to become a better teacher?"  Summer is a really good time to reflect.  I learned a lot of about reflection during the National Board Certification Process.  No one is perfect - I wholeheartedly admit that I am NOT! So what do I need to work on next year? WRITING.  

Yep, I said it.  When I went through my writing portfolios at the end of last year, they were not where I wanted them to be.  My friend Crystal from Kreative in Kinder has a new Writer's Workshop Bundle that tells you HOW TO TEACH Writer's Workshop. It's like a mini professional development on your own time from the comforts of your home.  (Like on your couch in your yoga pants folks!) As you read through it, it's like Crystal is talking to you. It's packed full of examples, anchor charts and more.  

What's included in her packet:

Table of Contents:
Pgs. 1-4: Preview of Unit
Pg. 5: What is Writer's Workshop
Pg. 6: Steps in WWS
Pgs. 7-10: Time Management (Mini Lesson, Independent Writing/Conferring, Author Celebrations)
Pgs. 11-22: Starting WWS with books
Pgs. 23-30: Interactive Writing
Pgs. 31-40: Shared Writing
Pgs: 41-42: Step One
Pgs. 43-52: Step Two
Pgs. 53-61: Step Three
Pgs. 62-70: Step Four
Pgs. 71-72: Other Charts & Resource Wall
Pgs. 73-80: Step Five
Pgs. 81-88: Step Six
Pgs. 89-93: Other Resource Charts
Pgs. 94-96: Creating a Writing Center
Pgs. 97-99: Word Wall
Pg. 100: Utilizing a Poetry Center
Pg. 101: End of Year Goals
Pgs. 102-130: Writing Printables
Pg. 131: Alphabet Chart for WWS folder
Pgs. 132-137: Story Elements Charts and Printables
Pgs. 138-142: Writing Printables
Pgs. 143-145: What Can I Write About?
Pgs: 146-147: Credits

Crystal does an awesome job of walking you through how to start Writer's Workshop at the very beginning of the year through the end of the year.

Things I really loved from the packet? 

I loved the explanation of Labeling a picture and then how to use a label to make sentences.  She provides picture examples of how to do this - LOVE! 

I also loved her explanation of Author Celebrations. I NEVER make enough time for this! Seriously.  We must give our students more time for this! 

Here's a preview of what's included:

There are also charts included to add to your kids Writer's Workshop folders, to put around the room, Writing Papers to use and so much more.  Are you pumped to teach Writer's Workshop next year or what?  Swing by and grab this unit from Kreative in Kinder and you will feel so much better because you will be prepared for a successful year of writing.  I know I can't wait to get my kids writing this year! 

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