Sunday, November 3, 2013


I'm pretty sure I just recovered from Halloween.  No really - Halloween almost did me in :)  We had a BUSY day in Kindergarten on Halloween packed with LOTS of fun! I came home and had dinner with my family and headed out for 2 hours of trick-or-treating with my babies.  I came home and sat down and uploaded pictures from our day at school to blog and I was useless and I went to bed.  So, here it is a little late, our fabulous day in Kindergarten :)

Our morning began with our first set of Rotations for the year!  During rotations, each teacher has an activity in her room that she completes with every class that rotates in there.  The teacher stays, the assistant takes the class to each room. We do them for most holidays!

We started off in Mrs. McGregor's room playing Bingo.  We found this Bingo on Teachers Pay Teachers last year I think, but I can't remember where.  Feel free to leave the link if you know where it came from! 

 Next the students traveled to Ms. Reel's room for some Spooky Musical Chairs.  I wasn't with them, but I hear Ryuya was ecstatic to win!  Ms.  Reel was super sweet and gave prizes not only to the winner, but random other students in the game too.

Next they went to Mrs. Biggs room.  They heard the story of Spookley and made their own Spookley with a sugar cookie and some orange icing. 

The last rotation was my room.  We sorted Halloween Rings and then I let them keep anyone they wanted.  I am really glad I gathered and saved these a few years ago, because these rings were impossible to find this year! 

Next up for our day of fun was a Pumpkin tasting  We had Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Cake.  Mrs. Payton's rule is and always has been "Take a thank you bite."   I find that students like stuff they think they won't and most of them really enjoyed both of these :)

After lunch, our families came and we got to work carving pumpkins and decorating pumpkins.  A lot of students don't get this kind of experience at home, so I love doing it with them.  It is an exhausting experience, but a rewarding one!

 I seem to be missing a few pictures of the decorated pumpkins, but they were all super cute.  We used hot glue to attach the pieces to the face, but the students told us what they wanted to put on there.  If you do this, I recommend having several people help and several hot glue guns.  Also, lots of reminders not to mess with the stuff on their face because it will fall off haha :)

I am so thankful to have wonderful group of parents to help us with all of these fun activities in the afternoon!

Are you still with me? Sorry for the picture overload! What did your class do special for Halloween?

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