Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our First Assembly

We had our first assembly this week.  Assemblies in Kindergarten are rough!  Attention spans are short and we have 12 Kindergarten classes of names to call out, but we didn't do too bad for our first assembly.  Just in case you missed it, here are a few pictures :) 

Here are our Perfect Attendance soon for the 1st 9 Weeks

 Here are our Terrific Kids for the 1st 9 Weeks

And the best news of the assembly? We go the golden foot for having the most steps in Kindergarten!  This is the first time my class has ever received the golden foot.  How exciting! 

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  2. Hi! How fun for your class! congratulations!

  3. We just found your blog and are your newest followers! We are so happy to have found you. We have 8 kindergarten classes in our school and I thought that was a lot! Wow, 12??? Do you guys ever plan all together or do you work as several mini teams? We are looking forward to reading more on your blog.
    Kelly and Kim’s Kindergarten Kreations

    1. So glad you guys found me :) 12 is crazzzzzzzzzzzy big! We are split into 2 teams. It's really hard to get together as a grade level and do anything because there are so many people/opinions. We meet with our team once a week to take care of general stuff. I plan with a group of 4 other teachers, but this year we haven't really met much because we are using and tweaking plans from last year. I'm heading over to follow you guys too!

  4. Hi, Kourtney! I just found your blog also, and I have to say---12 is super-duper, looney-toons, crazy big! That must be the shortest assembly in the world. Kids look, happy, though!

    And---congratulations on winning the Golden Foot!

    Matt at


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