Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like....Christmas!

December is right around the corner, which means its time to make our countdown chains! I know, I know Thanksgiving is not even here yet.  I am NOT trying to rush Christmas at all, but my sweet babies will be home on December 1st, so we got these babies done and sent home today.  

You need 24 pieces of paper.  I use bulletin board paper to make the pieces.  I don't have an exact length, I just eyeball it and start cutting with my paper cutter.  I teach the students to put glue on the end, make a circle, and hold it and count to 10.  Simple, right? 

I used the Santa this year.  I let them color and cut it out.  I only had a mini panic attack during this part. Then you staple the chain to the bottom.

When they finish, I put them in a grocery bag with their name on it.

I print mine out in color and staple the chain and hang it at the font of the room.  Then each day when the students do calender we will cut, snip or tear a loop off.  Super simple! When you are out of circles, it's Christmas Eve.

I also put up this cutie thanks to the help of a Practicum Student! I was covered in glitter.  The best comment regarding the tree came from one of my sweeties that said "This is making me so excited!"  And that friends is why it's worth putting up a 7 foot Christmas tree with all the trimmings at school.

Ready to countdown with your kids? Check out my Countdown to Christmas Pack :)

Do you put out a Christmas Tree at School?

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