Friday, November 22, 2013

Native Americans!

Today was Native American day in room 201!  We are having a pie feast next week and we will be the Pilgrims for that, but I like for the kids to have the opportunity to dress up as both.  Thanks to my amazing assistant for leading this less :) Our little Native Americans are adorbs!

The hats are strips of poster board decorated with patterns by the kids.  I used to try and do the Native American Symbols and it was chaos.  This is much easier.  Instead of feathers, we use die cut hands.  Why you ask? I have no idea.  Someone suggested it years ago and so we go with it.  They are cute, no?  Their necklaces are yarn and fruit loops/apple jacks.  Whatever we had extra of in the closet :) They can make a pattern or put them on however they want to.  

Tomorrow I am going to be posting about a HUGE deal! Check back for a giveaway :) (Who doesn't love something free??)  You don't want to miss this!!

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