Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Pie Feast

Hello Monday! Hello 2 day week! Hello Pie Feast Day!  I posted about my cutie Native Americans last week, so today it was our turn to be the Pilgrims!  We invited over our sweet friends the Native Americans from Mrs.  Mitchell's class to have a Pie Feast with us today.

The Pie Feast is something we've done for years and our kids really enjoy it.  Each class sends home a note of things we need, one class asks for pumpkin pie and one class asks for apple pie.  Each class asks for juice boxes, plates, forks, napkins etc.  We cut the pies into 16 pieces each.  We talk to the students about the first Thanksgiving and then we taste the pies one at a time.  While students are finishing the pies and talking to their new friends, we call them up by tables to graph their favorite.  Then we analyze the graph.  Lots of fun!  Here are some pictures :)

 Can I tell you how much I love these silly pictures?? 

 Lily was the cutest Pilgrim EVER! She reminded me of Mini from the story The Littlest Pilgrim.  

An overwhelming number of kids chose Pumpkin as their favorite, which was pretty surprising for me.  We had a great time! 

Tomorrow we have our Thanksgiving Rotations with lots of fun activities.  Check back to see all the fun!  What does your class do for Thanksgiving?

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