Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apple Tasting

The week of September 19-23, we studied all about apples!  The students had the opportunity to taste red, green, and yellow apples on Thursday.  We completed a class graph after tasting all three types and the most students liked red.  On Friday, we had an apple tasting.  The students tried Applesauce, Apple Jacks, Apple Jelly on a cracker, and Apple Juice.  I was so proud of them for taking a "thank you" bite of each apple food.  Many of them found out they liked apple foods that they thought they wouldn't like.  Here are a few pictures from the tasting.
Yummy Apple Juice!

Ray'shawn finishing up his food and yes/no graph.

Meredith enjoyed a few bites of everything, but didn't care for the applesauce.

They definitely enjoyed this activity!

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