Friday, October 7, 2011


Yesterday was such a beautiful day!  I am usually busy getting things ready for our lessons later in the day when Mrs. Edwards goes out with the children, so I rarely get to enjoy the outdoors with them.  We didn't have recess yesterday because we had PE, but we finished our writing lesson early, so I took them outside for snack since Mrs. Edwards was out sick.  The weather was wonderful so we stayed out to play for a few minutes.  It is really interesting to see how they interact and enjoy each other when they aren't in such a structured setting.  It's nice to see them be 5 and 6!  Here are a few pictures of my sweeties playing!

Apparently this was the place to be...they were climbing up it. (Kameryn)

Tristan climbing the pole.

Ray'shawn climbing the pole.

I'Dereis and a friend climbing the "rock" wall.

Nick, Meredith and I'Dereis playing on the rock wall. 

Isaac and Emily playing on the rock wall.

Amy and Karma playing in the shade.  They were making something with those wood chips.

Jyrah in action heading down the slide.

He insisted I take his picture :)

Hannah playing on the dinosaur playground.

Emily and a friend on the ladders.

Check out that climbing action!

Tristan climbing the pole again.

Back under the playground to climb.

Eli on the slide.

Katelyn hanging out on the ladders.

A great time had by all.  I'll have to get out there more often!

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