Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ask and you shall receive.....

Am I the only one who feels bad about constantly asking my parents to send things in?  I have the best group of parents this year, they are always sending something in!  I feel like we are always needing something, so to lighten the load I decided to ask a few local businesses to help us with a few items for our pumpkin unit and Halloween.  I asked our school secretary for the school letterhead and I wrote several businesses letters asking them for specific items and explained how I would use the items and which of our specific goals they pertained to. I followed up with a call a few days later and just like that they donated everything we needed.  It was super easy!  I would like to thank:

Lowe's of Winterville for donating 5 pumpkin carving kits, which we will use when we carve pumpkins in small groups.

Food Lion on Red Banks Rd. in Greenville for donating 2 large pumpkins and Food Lion on S. Memorial Dr. in Greenville for donating 3 large pumpkins.  We used these for a cooperative lesson on measuring and we will carve them on Halloween.

Harris Teeter on Firetower  Rd. for donating $20 in gift certificates to buy pumpkin foods.

I can't thank these local businesses enough for donating items to our classroom!

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