Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shaving Cream Writing

Last week we started practicing the Kindergarten High Frequency words for homework.  Everyday before dismissal, the students played a few games on the SMART Board to practice recognizing and writing them. (a, I, see, & like)  On Thursday during reading groups, I put shaving cream on my reading table and called out words for them to write in the shaving cream using their pointer fingers.  I have found this to be an awesome intervention in the past and a great tactile way for them to practice writing their sight words without feeling like it was "work."  It was a little strange to them at first, but all in all they truly enjoyed it and I don't think my table has ever been so clean!  Here are a few pictures of our fun lesson!

Joshua practicing the word "like."

Isaac got excited about shaving cream and it ended up in his and Emily's hair!

The blue group was excited about writing in shaving cream!

Amy showing Mrs. Edwards she can spell "see."

Isaac giving me a high five for writing the word "a."

Hannah starting to write "like."

Katelyn showing she can write her name correctly!

The green group in action!

Excited about learning!

High five with Kameryn - writing the word "am" from our book that day.

Engaged in learning.

We will revisit this activity soon with our other words!


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