Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Birthday Cake

On Friday's we do a theme related English Language Arts activity where the students make a "make-n-take" book and an art activity.  This past Friday we made a book called "The Birthday Cake" by Joy Cowley.  The students used rectangles of construction paper to "illustrate" their book.  They turned out super cute and after we practiced reading them as a class, I let them get with partners on the mats and practice reading them to each other.  They are doing really well with partner reading and seem to enjoy it!  Hopefully you have seen/heard them read the book, because I told them to take it home and read it to someone, a pet, or a stuffed animal.  Reading familiar books helps with fluency!  Here are a few pictures of partner reading!

Eli and friends reading their books.

Meredith and Kameryn reading to each other.

Messiah, Ray'shawn and Kevin reading together.

Messiah and Ray'shawn reading together.

Kameryn, Meredith, and Karma reading together.

They are doing a great job reading!

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