Sunday, October 9, 2011


After spending the whole week discussing Fire Safety and Prevention, I had a surprise in store for my sweet Kindergarteners.  I had talked with my friend Joe, who is a firefighter, about coming to the classroom and talking to the children and showing them his uniform and gear so if they were ever in a fire they wouldn't be scared.  Imagine my surprise when he called me Friday morning to tell me he had to work overtime, but that he would be bringing the fire engine that afternoon to see us.  I was so excited I couldn't stand it, but I didn't want to tell the kids because I wanted them to be surprised.  They worked so hard on Friday and we were AHEAD of schedule (which is rare for us on a Friday, especially when we paint.)  When Joe got there, I calmly told them to put down their crayons that we were going on a little trip to somewhere in the school.  As soon as we walked outside I heard all of them ooh and aah "a fire truck!"  They absolutely loved it!  Joe did an awesome job and ended up talking to not only my class, but 4 other classes that joined us as well.  He quizzed them on the things we'd learned and showed them all of the things he wears when he's on a fire call.  Many of my students looked on in admiration.  Kevin said "I wish I could be a fire fighter."  Keeping the secret was well worth their surprise and excitement.  Of course we took lots of pictures...enjoy! :)

Asking Joe lots of questions!

It was very sunny outside - hard to get a good picture of us all! 

My little sweeties in front of the fire truck.

Joe in all his gear.

Getting all dressed up.

Joe quizzing the kids on fire safety.

 Thanks again Joe and whoever else at Greenville Fire & Rescue that made it possible for you to come out and bring the fire truck - my kids absolutely loved it! :) (Go ahead and pencil us in for next year!)

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