Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cute Santa and a Sad Elf!

Happy Saturday Friends! I don't know about you but this month is FLYING by! Christmas is in full swing in room 201 and we are loving all the fun crafts.  One of my absolute favorites is this cute Santa!

I had full intentions of taking pictures of every step of this craft, but I was busy helping my sweet kinders make this cutie and clearly got side tracked.   

What you need:
A heart shape - for the face (I use manilla color).
A red triangle - for the hat.
A 6x9 rectangle of white construction paper.
A white mustache shape made of white construction paper.

The first step: Cut out the heart.  Cut strips long ways from the white rectangle.  Glue two of the strips up high.

Then go and fill in the rest of the bottom of the heart with the other strips.  Add the mustache on top of that.  Add the hat. 

Last, wrap each strip around your pencil and it will curl.  Cute, right? :) LOVE! These are going on our bulletin board.

How's elfing going in your classroom?  Wednesday my kids were CRAY CRAY.  Lots and LOTS of talking.  Jolly was super sad by this, so she left them a note on Thursday morning and hung out by the rules so they'd remember to follow them.

I am pleased to say behavior was much better after the note.  Thanks for your magic Jolly.  Also did you notice she had a wardrobe change? Yeah - she's cute like that.  DIVA!! :) 

Do you know about the Facebook Frenzy going on right now?

Check out my freebie! Positional words with Santa and a present - love it! :) 

It's only free through Monday night at 8pm, so grab it while you can! :) 

Big news tomorrow - check back!

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