Saturday, December 28, 2013

Polar Express Day

We were super excited to have a Polar Express Day this year! The students got to wear their Pajamas and we had lots of activities planned for the day.  We started the day out as a regular Friday with Calendar and Computer Lab.  While the students were at Computer Lab, I stayed behind and got our "train" ready and our hot chocolate cups.  Ms. Moore brought her crock pot and put water first thing in the morning so that it would be ready by the time of the movie.

Our awesome Media coordinator went all out for this event and did a lot of decorating, which made it really cool for the kids.  The Kindergarteners all watched it in their rooms, so they decorated the beginning of our hall and the 1st and 2nd grade watched it in the multipurpose room, so they decorated down there too.  I designed banners and labels for the media coordinator using Educasong/Educlips Clipart and she had the banners printed out at the college in our town.

 How our tickets came:

Our goodies & train:

 Getting our tickets punched:

Drinking hot chocolate:

 After the boy got the bell in the movie, we got a special delivery.  I shook it and the kids knew it was bells! Everyone got their own bell to wear.

This was such a magical experience for my kids! Do you have a Polar Express Day at your school?
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