Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jolly the Elf Antics

Before Jolly the Elf left us and went back to the North Pole, she was all over the room.  I didn't get to put her down in some of the cutie spaces I saw on Pinterest because I was afraid one of my sweeties would touch her, but we really enjoyed having her in the room this year.  This was my first time with an elf, so next year will be much better! 

Do you have an elf in the classroom? What did your kids like best about your elf?
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Monday, December 30, 2013


Remember when I posted about the 12 Days of Christmas?  We made it through all the days, we got most of the presents and we were super excited to open our presents! Each child takes their bag and we sit in a circle.  They unwrap their presents and throw all the trash into the middle of the circle.  At the end, we clean it all up.  It's controlled chaos and so much fun!

 We also gave them presents from us on the last day before break.  They got a book from Scholastic, a bag of miscellaneous Christmas party favors, and Santa hats.  I used my points with Scholastic to get the books for free, got all the miscellaneous goodies 75% off and got the Santa hats for 29 cents each at Ollies! :)

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Management, Decor, Organization - Oh my!

These long breaks are a great time to get ahead in the classroom an do some extra planning!  It's easy when you are teaching to think about the things you want to change, but who has time to do that? I definitely do not! 

So some friends and I got together to offer you this amazing bundle for you to quickly and easily make some changes!  

I am so excited about this bundle because it includes new management techniques, behavior interventions, decor, forms, and all sorts of other organizational must haves!  It's only $10.99 and includes over 600 pages of items that can be quickly and easily implemented when you return to your classroom!

I know you are going to love my word wall headers and sight word cards! All you do is print, laminate and post! Post the words as you go with your students and teach them to use the word wall for reference during writing! All consonants are in black and all vowels are in white.  This will help your students learn the difference between vowels and consonants! This would regularly be $5.00 on it's own, but you will get another 500+ pages of material for less than $6.00 more!

But this is just one product from the bundle.  There are 14 others!  Here's a quick peek, but you can surely head over to the Educents post to read about each one!

It's only for a limited time so you won't want to miss out!  

Comment below one thing you want to change in your classroom and be entered to win one additional product from the listed participating stores!  {Oh you can pin something too for an extra entry!}

I don't know about you all, but when I get this down time I really like to catch up on work things!  It is so much easier to do now when I have a little extra free time rather than staying late after school when I'm already tired and exhausted! 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your holiday and have fun getting ready for the new year!  

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Christmas Rotations

Christmas is another great time for us to do Rotations.  So far we did pumpkin and Thanksgiving Rotations.  If you haven't read about these before, basically, each teacher has a theme based activity and they do that activity with 6 different classes. (We split into 2 sections for rotations since there are 12 teachers!) Here are some of the activities:

 Christmas Carols / Musical Chairs combined: 

 Christmas Bookmarks 

 Reindeer Food:

 Musical Chairs 

I made stockings in my room with red paper, cotton balls and Christmas stickers.  I just forgot to take pictures! The kids have a lot of fun with these activities!  I'm blessed to work with teachers who like to participate in stuff like this! :)

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